News Flash Friday: April 1, 2016

Your movie news and notes for this week. Don’t worry, no April Fools here.


Helen Gibson in The Hazards of Helen (1916)

–Before Katniss, Rey, and Imperator Furiosa, female action stars ruled the Silver Screen before women even had the right to vote. Radha Vatsal of The Atlantic gives fascinating insight into “The Forgotten Female Action Stars of the 1910s.”

–Over at Film Inquiry, Samuel James presents a thoughtful analysis of representations of disability in different film genres throughout cinema history.

–Classic meets contemporary: BATMAN V SUPERMAN (2016) director Zack Snyder spoke about how his next Justice League follow-up film is influenced by the Akira Kurosawa classic SEVEN SAMURAI (1954)

–Notable deaths: Oscar-winning actress and mental health advocate Patty Duke (March 29). Duke won Best Supporting Actress for playing Helen Keller in THE MIRACLE WORKER (1962), a role she created on Broadway. Actress Shannon Bolin, best known for her role in the original Broadway production and film adaptation of DAMN YANKEES (1958) , died on March 25.

–TCMFF news: The legendary Burt Reynolds is set for this year’s “Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival” interview, which will be taped Saturday, April 30 before a live audience at The Ricardo Montalbán Theatre in Los Angeles. Reynolds will also be on-hand to introduce a screening of THE LONGEST YARD (1974).

–CALLING ALL MILLENNIALS: Are you a TCM fan going to the TCMFF? Monica Castillo of IB Times needs you for an article she’s writing. If you’re interested, contact her via Twitter at @mcastimovies.


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