News Flash Friday: April 8, 2016

betterlivingthroughcriticismSome movie news and notes I found around the interwebs this week:

–Remember that crowdfunding campaign that was to help finish Orson Welles’ last film, The Other Side of the Wind? The film still isn’t completed, and fans want their money back. Lou Lumenick of the New York Post reports.

–In an interview with Fandor, New York Times film critic A.O. Scott discusses the fears he had when he started at the Times, the relevance of contemporary critics, and where criticism is headed. Scott has a new book out, Better Living Through Criticism (which I am currently reading).

UKY02 Classic Film Stars R1.indd–Speaking of books, at her blog Out of the Past, Raquel reviews a new book classic film fans will enjoy: Conversations with Classic Film Stars: Interviews from Hollywood’s Golden Era. From some of the interesting facts Raquel learned from the interviews, the book sounds like it’s a fun one.

–More books! Check out the Beyond the Cover Blogathon, which runs today through April 10. Hosted by Now, Voyaging and Speakeasy, the blogathon is celebrating cinematic adaptations of the written word.

–Good news and bad news from the TCM Film Fest:

  • The Good: More special guests have been announced, including screen legends Angela Lansbury, Rita Moreno, and Billy Dee Williams. Journalist Carl Bernstein and  Spotlight Director/Screenwriter Tom McCarthy and Screenwriter Josh Singer will appear in conversation at the opening night screening of All The President’s Men (1976). There will also be panels on Journalism in Film and Dogs in Film. Full press release with details can be found here.
  • The Bad: In a letter to the TCM community, beloved host Robert Osborne says he is unable to make the festival this year due to a health issue. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

rogue-one-a-star-wars-story-logo–And in case you missed it, the first teaser trailer for the Star Wars spinoff film Rogue One was released Thursday. According to IMDb, the film is about how the rebels stole the plans for the Death Star. From the looks of the trailer, it seems like the perfect movie to hold us over until Episode VIII comes out next year.


For more movie news and nuggets, check out past News Flash Fridays HERE. Have a great weekend!




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